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We Are Seventh Dimension

Founded in 2010, Seventh Dimension is a Kuwait-based enterprise that unifies smart device distribution, retail, e-commerce and home-service under one corporate umbrella.

We are a leading partner to global powerhouse brands including Anker Innovations, RAVPower, WizGear & Patchworks. We’re diversifying our portfolio every day as we incorporate best-in-class, innovative smart device accessories from new categories to

improve the daily lives of our customers.


We’re writing our success story every day, and every year brings a new milestone.

2009 - Opened our first retail stores for customers in Kuwait.

2011 - Grew our retail sales by buying and selling from Amazon and eBay

2014 - Received our first ever Anker shipment and developed and launched ASTORE.

2017 - Opened the largest mobile accessories store in Kuwait, ASTORE.

2019 - Opened three Anker Innovations standalone stores.

2019 - Seventh Dimension acquired RAVPower distribution rights for Qatar.

2019 - Grew our Seventh Dimension family to over 100 employees.

2020 - Acquired the FixAid brand, for home services and maintenance.


We built our brand on developing long-lasting partnerships across the globe.

● We serve over 350 retail partners in Kuwait and Qatar

● We maintain over 89 brand partnerships through our multi-brand universe



We nurture people, because we know our people, our community and our partnerships are the driver of our success.


We remain committed to an original drive to further the power of innovation by being the leaders of high-quality products and devices.


To be the leading global service provider, delivering world-changing technology solutions to our communities through world-class partnerships.


  • Partnerships: Our partnerships internally and externally are what drive us to success.

  • Integrity: We exist to do better in every way.

  • Agility: Being ready to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the world.

  • Excellence: We will deliver every project with the utmost attention to operational excellence and always doing better than we did yesterday.

  • Strength: Overcome yesterday’s obstacles and remain secure to rise above the

challenges ahead.

  • Diversity: We believe everyone of our team and our partners adds value to our



For our founders, a lifelong friendship and a single spark kindled the fire of a lifetime.

Our founders, Abdullah Al-Lafi , and Salem Al-Hajery , began with a dream: to achieve greatness by delivering the most innovative, high-quality solutions, combined with unparalleled attention to detail and world-class customer service. They combined this ambition with an emphasis on building partnerships that last, to create the Seventh Dimension company that our customers know and love today.

Abdullah Al-Lafi knew that the future had arrived when he experienced the original iPhone in his own hands in the early 2000s. From that moment, he began his journey into mobile accessories and went out to find the products that awakened his instinct of perfection. Almost a decade later, the efforts of Abdullah and Salem are clear: Seventh

Dimension is recognized as the leading partner, spearheading the introduction of innovative technologies in the region.

A word from our founders :

We built Seventh Dimension to be a sanctuary for quality devices, and to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to our customers. - Abdullah Al-Lafi